Australian open qualifier collapses due to bushfire,even Maria Sharapova says enough!

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Australian open qualifier collapses due to bushfire,even Maria Sharapova says enough!

On a day in malodorous mayhem in Melbourne Park blue hardcourt when air condition was rated “the worst in the world,” Australian Open had witnessed its first withdrawal due to bushfire smoking, an utterly sorrow and broken-hearted incident less than a week after the main tournament was scheduled to begin, while even the Russian drop dead gorgeous 32-year-old Maria Sharapova called her exhibition match off at Kooyong stadium in Melbourne being behind 7-6, 5-5 after the former world No.

1, Maria Sharapova and her German rival, 31-year-old sedulous Siegemund had agreed there had been no point to suffer more pains, apparently in the worst wildfire crisis in the Open era. Amid a number of non-competing narratives, the Australian Open appeared to be in a whirlpool of withering crises following withdrawal of the unfortunate Slovenian, 28-year-old Delia Jakupovic, who had been leading the Swiss spesh Stefanie Vogele 6-4, 6-5 at Melbourne Park before she was slumped to her knees at the back of the court suffering severe breathing difficulties, which even could have led to a carbon monoxide poisoning death if unaddressed in less than an hour.

On top of that, a cascade of chaotic incidents in Australian open on Tuesday (January 14th) apart from the sorrow episode occurred to the Slovenian Jakupovic such as Bouchard’s calling off the day after facing off breathing difficulties and Maria Sharapova’s withdrawal after less than two sets, had triggered an intensifying uproar over the organizer’s decision to forge ahead despite a disdainful weather, as the World’s current No.

5, Elina Svitolina asked the authorities, “why do we have to wait for something bad to happen before they take action?” Meanwhile, declaring herself “angry and sad” after being forced to withdraw her first-round qualifying match, the ill-fated Slovenian, Delia Jakupovic, said to the reporters on Tuesday (January 14th) as she was grunting for fresh airs, “I never experienced something like this and I was really scared.

I was scared that I would collapse. That’s why I went on the floor (of the court) because I couldn’t walk any more. When I was on the ground it was easier to get some air. ” As a matter of sheer discontent which has been casting caustic shadows over futures of the Australian Open that organizers were anticipating could bring in some good fortunes amid nationwide catastrophe, the heartache retirement of the 28-year-old Slovenian came only hours after the tournament director Craig Tiley had defended his decision to proceed with the qualifiers which were delayed earlier due to hazardous air.