Vasek Pospisil: I'm just having so much more fun on the court

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Vasek Pospisil: I'm just having so much more fun on the court

Canada's Vasek Pospisil says he has changed the way he has approached the game which has led to better results in the second half of 2019, even after missing the first six months of last year due to back surgery. Pospisil qualified for the ASB Classic in Auckland earlier this month and reached the second round before losing to fellow Canadian Denis Shapovalov.

Speaking to CBC, the 29 year old says, "I think there's definitely been a lot of a lot of changes to the way I approach the game these days. Now that I've been healthy, it's really quite something. I think even just mentally and the weight off my shoulders.

I'm just having so much more fun on the court too. Just being able to focus on trying to get better and what you need to do physically, tactically and technically wanting to improve. I can just put all my attention on trying to become a better player rather than wondering how my body is going to feel."

Speaking about his six months away from the court due to back surgery, Pospisil says, "Mostly it was just a very fun six-month period considering that I wasn't on the tennis court. I kept busy and I really felt like, 'Oh wow.

Even if I don't go back on the circuit, I can be happy and make a living and be successful in whatever it is I decide to get into. I think that's just kind of brought this calm feeling when I came back on the tour."

Pospisil has started working with coach and Davis Cup captain Frank Dancevic since last year and he feels the partnership has surely helped him "I think we just really dialed in on my strengths. I think that just brought the results and shaped the rest of my game.

I suddenly was a dangerous opponent again and moving really well and hitting my forehand big and serving big. That's always how I'm going to give myself the best chance of winning matches is when I'm serving and winning big forehands.

It was the best that my body has felt in the last five or six years. So I think it was an extremely positive end to the year. I think more so mentally that actually showed that my body is in a place that can play at the top of the sport and at a high level.. the end of the year kind of took me by surprise in terms of how I felt and how I played."