Dominic Thiem: I am 100% certain that Nicolas Jarry had no intention of Doping

Tennis - Thiem is seeded fifth for the Australian Open

by Prakash
Dominic Thiem: I am 100% certain that Nicolas Jarry had no intention of Doping

The tennis world has been stunned by the positive doping test of ATP pro Nicolas Jarry. And at least one top player does not believe that Jarry had done anything intentional and supports his story. Austria's Dominic Thiem, the World No.

5 says he is 100% certain that Jarry had no intention of doping. “For me, the whole story is just ridiculous. I am 100% certain that Jarry had no intention. He has suffered 13 first round defeats in a row, I believe. Also, he's not a type of player that doping would help with.

I don't know when Jarry went the last five-stroke rally. For me it is a farce how much we have to be careful if we forget an electrolyte drink at home. We can't even buy anything in an organic store in the United States without worrying that something is contaminated." The ITF had said that Jarry tested positive during the Davis Cup competition.

The Chilean in a statement released that he believes it is a case of cross-contamination of multi-vitamins. “I would like to use this opportunity to address what just happened to me. Last November, while I was playing Davis Cup for Chile, I underwent two urine tests.

The first one was clean but the second one detected two banned substances. The levels of these substances are so incredibly low that they are equivalent to trillionths of a gram, levels so low that neither substance could have provided me any performance enhancing benefit.

I would like to let you know that I have never deliberately or intentionally taken any banned substance in my career as a tennis player and in fact, I am completely opposed to doping. Therefore, I will dedicate these next days and weeks fully to determine where these substances came from so my legal team and I can clarify this situation completely.

This has caught me and my loved ones by absolute surprise and what I would like to do beyond proving my innocence (no doubt about that) is to in the future use what is happening to me as an example for al the young athletes, so that cases like this never happen again.

I say this because it strongly looks like a cross-contamination case for the use of multi-vitamins made in Brazil, which my doctor recommended I take since they were guaranteed to be free from banned substances. My legal team and I will be working very strongly to prove my innocence and for this I have offered my full cooperation to the International Tennis Federation (ITF)”.

Thiem is in Melbourne for the Australian Open where he will play Frenchman Adrian Mannarino in the first round on Tuesday.

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