Australian Open: Camera Glitch Leads to Players Disappearing from International Feed

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Australian Open: Camera Glitch Leads to Players Disappearing from International Feed

There is always something funny and interesting going on at the Grand Slam events besides the tennis. At the start of this year's Australian Open, tennis commentators and some viewers had a good laugh when a camera glitch led to the break down of the international broadcast of the tournament.

Players on outside courts on Day 2 of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park were seeming to disappear during the live match broadcasts to overseas viewers. Matches on Court 13, 14, and 15 in Melbourne were among those that were impacted by the technical difficulties, with an apparent smudge on the camera lens leading players to look almost ghostly to those watching the matches outside of Australia.

The opening matches on the outside showcourts were all broadcast with the issue that obscured the vision right in the middle of the main camera view used by broadcasters around the world. While the issue was being addressed, the camera angle used to broadcast live matches had to be changed and broadcasters used an eye-level camera parked at the back corner of the court.

While Channel 9 in Australia did not run footage from the impacted courts, the international feed that was used by Australian Open broadcast partners around the world showed matches with the technical difficulty for more than an hour before the issue was fixed.

The problem was fixed early on Tuesday afternoon, but by then the issue had already caught the attention of some viewers, who also seemed to be amised by the same. There has been no comment from the officials at the broadcasters or at the tournament as to what caused the problems. The Australian Open began in Melbourne on Monday and will run through to till the 2nd of February.