Coach Boynton on Hubert Hurkacz: This is tennis, but people are people and it's life

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Coach Boynton on Hubert Hurkacz: This is tennis, but people are people and it's life

While most tennis players are focused solely on their performance on the court, Poland's Hubert Hurkacz also wants to be also known as a good human being. And with his performances on the court and behaviour off the court, Hurkacz seems to be on the right track in both cases.

Speaking to the ATP Tour website, Hurkacz says, "I just love competing and playing tennis, and especially if you can play on the big stages. I just want to improve my game, be happy with myself on the court, keeping positive.

And then the things can happen when I'm playing, being positive and playing well." His coach, Craig Boynton, who has been with him since March last year, says, "He's a great tennis player but he's an even better human being.

He gets it: This is tennis, but people are people and it's life. You do unto others, and he's very good that way. He's always eager to work, always eager to learn, always wants the next exercise. 'What are we doing next? What's the plan?'” Boynton, who has earlier worked with John Isner, Sam Querrey and Steve Johnson, says Hurkacz is a perfect gentleman off the court as well and brings it down to his family background, "The son you want.

You want this type of kid to date your daughter. He's got just a wonderful family. His parents are amazing. Younger [sister], who is such an unbelievable ball of energy. He comes from an unbelievable family. He's so thankful for people that ask him for an autograph.

After matches, literally the Tour will have to drag him off the court because he wants to sign and reach out and say thank you to every single person that stayed to watch him play. He's just so special that way. It's not very common, but he's not very common, either."

Hurkacz reached the second round of the ongoing Australian Open in Melbourne and went down to Australia's John Millman in straight sets on Wednesday.