Rafael Nadal's heart of gold: he met Anita, the ball girl hit by his forehand

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Rafael Nadal's heart of gold: he met Anita, the ball girl hit by his forehand

Rafael Nadal's heart of gold: the Spaniard met Anita, the young ball girl he hit in face with a ball during the match against Federico Delbonis at the Australian Open 2020. Already on the court Rafa showed his humanity, kissing on the cheek the 13 years-old ball girl.

Now Nadal made a big surprise to Anita, meeting her on Friday and leaving her her a signed hat which say: 'To my friend Anita, all the best'. In his post match interview after the match with Delbonis, Nadal said it was one of the scariest moments of his career: "I was so scared for her honestly the ball was so quick and straight on the head.

She's a super good girl " The Spaniard shared a selfie on Instagram in which they smiled after he met Anita, and he worte: "Very happy to see that Anita is doing well. I also had the chance to meet her, her brother Mark and her parents.

Thank you". The young Anita said she hopes Nadal can win the Australian Open and also: "I was extremely excited because I had finally gotten to meet my favorite tennis player like really close up. I can't believe it.

He's my favorite tennis player so I never expected this at all. He asked me if I was okay and we just talked about how he was going. It was just so nice to meet him and to talk to him and he gave me this hat that says: To my friend Anita, all the best".

On social network the fans are having fun, writing posts in which they would like to be hit in the face by a Rafa's forehand. Of course, after the Spaniard will have to kiss them on the cheek! On the fourth round of the Australian Open 2020 Rafael Nadal will meet the home-crowd hero Nick Kyrgios.