Thomas Muster Gives His Side of the Story for Dominic Thiem Split

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Thomas Muster Gives His Side of the Story for Dominic Thiem Split

Austrian legend Thomas Muster has spoken about the split from Dominic Thiem after the pair surprisingly lasted only a couple of weeks together. Muster was supposed to travel with Thiem for 20 weeks in a year and Thiem said he was happy to have the Austrian legend on board.

“I think that there are many things that I can still improve. And then of course Thomas is best player of Austria all-time by far, and he is the only one who achieved the goals I’m still having. I think nothing better can happen to me than to have a guy from my own country to help me hopefully achieve these goals”.

When Thiem was asked about the split earlier during the Australian Open, the 25 year old commented, "Well, nothing bad happened there. But we already said before we started the relationship that if it doesn’t work out, we’re gonna stop it, and that was the case.

I mean, I think it’s always difficult, especially for me at the stage where I am, to find something perfect to add to my team. And I just had the feeling that it’s not going to work out together, and that’s why we finished.

So that’s all”. While talking to Eurosport, Muster gave his side of the story, "He’s a fine guy and likes to learn a lot. But he has also got some shortcomings he has to work on if he wants to be at the top.

He has improved a lot, but he to catch up in the technical, physical and foremost in the mental area. To be honest I have seen myself in this role for the next two years. Why he has chosen differently. I know why, but I don’t want to say the details.

It is like this: There are houses which look nice from the outside, wonderful from the outside, but you rarely know who lives inside”. Thiem is through to the semi-finals of the Australian Open in Melbourne where he will meet Alexander Zverev for a spot in the final. Thiem leads their head to head 6-2.