Francesca Schiavone joins Milan Tennis Academy

Tennis: She is a former Grand Slam Champion

by Philip Anderson
Francesca Schiavone joins Milan Tennis Academy

Former Roland Garros Champion and World No.4 Francesca Schiavone has decided to join the Milan Tennis Academy. "I am delighted to be back on the tennis courts, and to start collaborating with the MTA", she said. The role that sees her as a supervisor and deal with all types of players in MTA – from amateurs to professionals.

General Manager of MTA - Piercarlo Guglielmi spoke about Schiavone joining the Academy, saying, “Francesca joining shows that the academy is continuing to invest and look ahead, in a medium-long term project that in a couple of years has already led us to do a long way”.

He further added, “We chose Francesca because she is a figure with enormous experience and because she fully embodies our values. We see her arrival as a sort of certification of the quality of the work done so far.

Her arrival will allow us to do even better and represents a decisive opening towards the possibility of having more and more professional athletes in the academy”. MTA Sporting Director Ugo Pigato was all praises about the WTA star, saying, “Her charisma helps a lot.

A few words are enough to motivate the kids and offer them technical ideas to work on. It is in her nature to want to touch daily work with her hand and to want to get to know the kids from a character point of view, in order to really help them improve.

Francesca is slowly becoming aware of what a figure of her experience can give to emerging young people. For example, the highest level athletes can have a huge impact: where quality is already precious, detail can make the difference”.

He further added, “Work, determination and passion are the three qualities that led Francesca to the club because someone like Francesca can also be very useful to colleagues.

Francesca Schiavone