10-Year-Old Coin Tosser:I was so happy to get a hug from Novak Djokovic & Thiem

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10-Year-Old Coin Tosser:I was so happy to get a hug from Novak Djokovic & Thiem

10 year old Sele Radila was the youngster who had the chance to toss the coin in the Australian Open final between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem on Sunday. Radila is an aspiring tennis player and said he was grateful for the once in a life time opportunity to toss the coin in the final.

According to ABC.net, Radila was taking part in Tennis Australia's Super 10s national five-day camp when he was chosen for the coin toss in the final. He says, "At first I was nervous but then when I was in the process of trying to do the coin toss, it was really good.

They just told me to practise." Sele is not sure why he was chosen from those in the camp but was grateful anyways. "I honestly don't know. But I'm really grateful for that opportunity. I was so amazed and so happy to shake hands and get a hug from Djokovic and Dominic too."

Sele also says he is a big fan of Rafael Nadal and would have liked the Spaniard to be in the final. "It felt really nervous doing it but at the same time I was angry because when I flipped the coin and [Thiem] won the coin toss."

The 10 year old says he would like to play tennis professionally in the future. "What makes me love tennis so much is getting to know my opponents when I play, and also meeting other people when I go to tennis camps.

What motivates me about tennis is some of the good sports and what tennis players do at the end of the game. When I become a tennis player I don't want to become one of those tennis players who are bad losers or have bad attitudes."

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley commented, "We were thrilled to welcome children from across the country to Australian Open 2020. Having the chance to toss the coin for top players before matches is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."