Roger Federer and Nadal's embrace was the best example for children

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Roger Federer and Nadal's embrace was the best example for children

The final embrace between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was the best example for the children present at the Cape Town Stadium for the Match for Africa 6. But they were also the best tennis spot, which grows in popularity every year thanks to the commitment of these great champions.

With 51,954 people, the Swiss and the Spaniard also marked a new crowd record for a single tennis match, shattering the 42,517 people from Roger and Alexader Zverev's match in Mexico City. Federer and Nadal played in an exhibition nine years after the last time.

In the final embrace there is all the magic and the respect of the most extraordinary rivalry in the history of sport. Federer won the challenge with the score 6-4 3-6 6-3. The day, starting with the arrival of the two champions at the Cape Town Stadium, was incredible for all participants.

A day of celebration, during which the children had the opportunity to spend time with Roger and Rafa, in the afternoon. The Learning Through Play was an opportunity for Federer and Nadal to entertain the children and all the people present at the stadium, between fun stories and activities.
During the evening, first the match between the Swiss Maestro and the Spaniard, then joined by Bill Gates and Trevor Noah, for what was a real and amazing tennis party.