Matteo Berrettini Not Sure If He Will Be Fit for the Davis Cup Tie Against Korea

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Matteo Berrettini Not Sure If He Will Be Fit for the Davis Cup Tie Against Korea

Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini says he is not sure if he will be ready to compete in the Davis Cup as he needs to fully recover from the injury which forced him to pull out of the South American clay court swing.

In an interview with the newspaper Unione Sarda, Berrettini says, "Injuries must be dealt with carefully, otherwise you risk finding yourself in the middle of the season with the same problem." Berrettini says he has been dealing with the injury, related to the abs and adductor muscles, since a few months now and it may affect his participation in the Davis Cup for Italy, who take on South Korea in March.

"I cannot say for sure that I will be ready for Davis, the my priority today is to heal, recover , but it is possible that I am able to recover before the Cagliari tie. My goal is to be there. I will do everything to get to Cagliari in excellent condition.

I just experienced the best year of my career in all aspects, before the past season we had set ourselves at least three years as a target to reach the top 10, so nobody should forget that that was the original plan. We continue to invest, there must be no rush, there must be no pressure ”.

Speaking about the Davis Cup tie, Berrettini says, “We certainly start favorites, both for our ranking but also because we play at home, on the ground, in front of a very hot and competent audience. But you all know, the Davis Cup is a separate competition, the players are transformed, other factors come into play and surprises can always be around the corner.

You have to believe in the project, knowing that I still have a lot of room for improvement. Moreover, I have been working with the same team since I was 14, they know me and I know them, it is nice to have reached this high together "