Fognini:When Roger Federer &Novak Djokovic are at the top,it's difficult to play them

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Fognini:When Roger Federer &Novak Djokovic are at the top,it's difficult to play them

Italy's Fabio Fognini says that he has been lazy at times and he would have accomplished a lot more if he was more hard working, in an interview to NRC. The Italian is in Rotterdam this week for the ABN Amro Tournament where he takes on Russian Karen Khachanov in the first round of the tournament.

Speaking to NRC, Fognini says, "I do not know. I am sometimes lazy, that did not help me. If I wasn't lazy, I would certainly have achieved more at tournaments. Sometimes I would rather sit on the couch than train or prepare for a tournament.

Simply lazy. " The 32 year old, who is now married to former US Open champion Flavia Pennetta, says that having a family has surely changed his perspective on tennis. "Of course. If you win, you win for them too. If you lose, it is different: then I think of my children.

When I was young and I lost, I thought for days about that one missed ball or a lost game, now I try to forget it as quickly as possible. It (the professional life) is heavy. In May I turn 33, I am getting tired of traveling.

My life has changed now that I have two babies. If I have the ability to travel with them, it's perfect. Otherwise I have to go home after two or three weeks. Then I want to be with my family. I was lucky, this sport has become my job.

But it's hard to live next to tennis. The difference is that in my work I sometimes get angry about the way I play. Outside of that I always try to enjoy life with my family and friends. You only live once." Speaking on the Big Three in Men's Tennis, Fognini says, "When Roger and Novak are at their top, it is very difficult.

They play so fast, give you no space. With Rafa it is different, his game is more physical, he destroys you in the rally and mentally. But you can play against him, you can run. " Finally, the 11th ranked Fognini says he will continue to play for a couple of more years as long as his game and ranking remain high but may stop if he continues to slide down the rankings.

"As long as I still have energy and want to. If I get problems with my body or don't feel like training anymore, I stop. I am now eleventh, I earn a lot of money. If I continue for two or three years and my ranking remains high, I will continue to play. Should I sink far in the world ranking, then I have to start thinking about ' ciao, ciao"