Krajicek: In 2018, We Sold 10K tickets in 12 Hours Due to Roger Federer

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Krajicek: In 2018, We Sold 10K tickets in 12 Hours Due to Roger Federer

Former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek says he is working hard with his team in order to keep improving the ABN AMRO World Tennis tournament where he is the Tournament Director. Krajicek says he and the team want to become a Master's Series event and are working on the same.

According to Zealandnet, Krajicek says, "Everything must be at our best. If we have the chance to increase our status, then we are ready. We can and want to become a master's tournament now, although it is not up to us."

The 48 year old Dutchman, who won the Wimbledon Championships in 1996, says he wants to be the Tournament Director at Rotterdam for ten more years. He has been the Tournament Director there for 17 years already. "I hope to do this for at least another ten years, but I also understand that they think a 60-year-old tournament director is very old.

I still think it's a super job. I stay close to the top tennis, go to tournaments and stay involved in the sport I love so much. And it's not a full-time job, which means I keep time for other things. In the beginning I had to grow a little in my role, because during my career I was always used to it all revolved around me.

Now I am more of a team player." Speaking about one of his best moments on the job as Rotterdam Tournament Director, Krajicek says, "The moment Federer became number 1 in the world two years ago. When we announced his arrival at the time, 10,000 thousand tickets were sold in 12 hours.

It was bizarre what happened." Krajicek also says that he is open to coaching but is waiting for the right offer. "Last year there were some offers from players who were around 30 to 40. I am waiting this year, but in principle I am open to coaching again."