Garbine Muguruza: The Grand Slams Motivate Me More

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Garbine Muguruza: The Grand Slams Motivate Me More

After reaching the Australian Open finals, former World No. 1 Garbine Muguruza says she would like to return to the Top 10 in the WTA world rankings as soon as possible. In an interview to Marca, Muguruza also spoke about her coaching relationship with former Wimbledon champion Conchita Martinez.

"What we have very good.. she has been a very high level player and we understand each other immediately . It is a very special connection, because we need half the words to make ourselves understood. Conchita is a person that I have always considered (as a coach) .

And this time, when I was looking for a coach, there was a coincidence that she was available and, when the time came, I did not hesitate to contact her to work with her. I felt that I needed to change the air, a new voice, a new team, renew the energy a bit.

And Conchita was very quick to say yes. We work hard to bring order to all that. How to organize the play, the style of play. Many technical details that, at the high level, make a difference." Before the new season started, Muguruza went to Tanzania to climb Mt.

Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. "It was a personal challenge. I wanted to put myself in a difficult situation, to know what I was made of. I learned to be more in touch with nature . It was a hard journey of resistance, sacrifice, mentality ...

A very good experience." The Spaniard knows that one of her main challenges is to play well consistently and says that she is working on the same. "It is clear that regularity is something very difficult to achieve.

Demonstrating a high level of tennis every day is a challenge for everyone. Starting a new year with a new team has helped me a lot. And continuing with the work too, because the results come sooner or later. You have to be patient and deal with that frustration.

I didn't know when the results would come, but the truth is that it has come very fast." Now ranked No. 16 in the world, Muguruza says that she remains more motivated at the Grand Slams and acknowledges that getting back to No.

1 in the world will be a difficult task to achieve. "It is clear that all tournaments are important, but I cannot deny that the Grand Slams motivate me more. I feel better when I feel those great stages and I face the great players or I just feel that great adrenaline.

(Going back to No. 1 is) a very large puzzle that must be put together. It is very difficult to achieve."