Dinara Safina on Coaching, Sofia Kenin and Kim Clijsters


Dinara Safina on Coaching, Sofia Kenin and Kim Clijsters
Dinara Safina on Coaching, Sofia Kenin and Kim Clijsters

Former World No. 1 Dinara Safina says she wants to do something in the area of coaching, while speaking to the WTA Tour website in an interview. Safina, who was the runner-up at the 2008 French Open, 2009 Australian Open, and the 2009 French Open, says, "Sometimes I think about being in one place and having a group of players I could work with.

I would like to make a player, not exactly from scratch. I would prefer to have someone around 15 or 16. At that age, they’re starting to mature and about to turn pro. For me, I might either make a small group and work with them or I might have someone on tour, which would mean traveling full time.

Until the middle of April, I want to breathe out and let it go. In the meantime, I want to clear my mind, do my own stuff, and see what comes. There are these two possibilities, and the closer we get to the day, the answer will come." The 33 year old Russian was seen in Melbourne recently in the box of Australian Open champion Sofia Kenin and says the only advice she gave her was to have fun while she was on court.

"I’ve been wanting to get close to tennis again. I think the only thing I told her was just to enjoy the final. It’s a unique moment and experience, and I think that’s what was missing for me. I was too tense going into my finals, so eager to win that my mind was completely blocked.

Of course, you want to win, but you’re already there, so just enjoy it and have fun. That was missing for me”. Safina was also happy about the return of former World No. 1 Kim Clijsters saying the Belgian should do whatever makes her happy.

"I like to think a lot about life, why we come to this world, and about our purpose. We only have one chance, and there is no other life. If this makes you happy, why not do it? Maybe someone will think it’s crazy that she’s already had three kids and wants to come back when the body is no longer young.

I understand that, but if that makes her happy, she doesn’t have to listen to anyone. It’s better to have tried, whether it works or not, because nobody knows. Until you try, you never know, but at least you’ve been honest with yourself and satisfied that you tried.

You can think, ‘I had this dream to try, and I tried it. It didn’t work, but in the end, I can say I’ve done everything I wanted. We can all discuss this and say, ‘Ah, Kim, you’re crazy to come back after three kids.

What are you thinking?’ But if she says, ‘Listen guys, this makes me happy. I am happy stepping on the court. My kids are already older and don’t need me day by day. They have their school and do their things, so I want to have my life now.’ The less you listen to other people, the better. Listen to your heart”.

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