Zheng Saisai: Situation in China is Sad But Chinese People Are Very Strong

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Zheng Saisai: Situation in China is Sad But Chinese People Are Very Strong

Chinese tennis star Zheng Saisai says that the situation in China due to the outbreak of the coronavirus is sad but adds that Chinese people are strong and stick together in difficult moments. Speaking to the Peninsula Qatar, the World No.

37 Zheng "I think it’s just trying to protect athletes, you know, not to affect so much. I really, I don’t know, but I just feel, you know, many athletes were working pretty hard and right now with the situation is that they can only stay home.

So just hope that everything’s going to go well very soon and people start to working normal” The 26 year old Zheng reached the quarter-finals at this week's Qatar Total Open and lost to Belarus' Aryna Sabalenka in three sets, continued, “It’s a pretty sad what’s going on right now and it’s not looking great, but I mean our Chinese are pretty strong, we always stick together, always going to be together in all these tough moments, just have to be patient."

Zheng added that the travel restrictions have not affected her so far. "I was in Dubai last week, so was fine. Yeah, you know, you see every day some news, it’s pretty sad, you know, this start to growing. And hopefully -- I think people are working pretty hard and try to find a solution.

It didn’t really (affect) me, because I was always traveling for the tournaments, so it didn’t bother me so much." The 26 year old Zheng is currently ranked No. 37 in the world rankings, one spot below her career-best ranking of No. 36 which she achieved in October 2019.