Sergiy Stakhovsky:Making Olympics is Priority:Else Wimbledon Could Be Last Tournament


Sergiy Stakhovsky:Making Olympics is Priority:Else Wimbledon Could Be Last Tournament
Sergiy Stakhovsky:Making Olympics is Priority:Else Wimbledon Could Be Last Tournament

Ukraine's Sergiy Stakhovsky says his main priority in the coming months is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and if he does not, then it could be likely that Wimbledon would be his last professional tournament, while speaking to the BTU website.

The 34 year old Stakhovsky commented, "I’m focusing on big tournaments, as it becomes more difficult to motivate oneself in the challengers. I probably won’t fly to a series of tournaments in Asia. The main priority is getting to the Olympics.

If it doesn’t work out, I don’t exclude that Wimbledon will be my last tournament. I have a good career, I am 34 years old. I’m not getting younger. It is difficult for me to find an excuse for three children when I leave home, but in the ranking I am 150th in the world.

I train professionally in all departments. But the result of the performances does not give me the satisfaction I am waiting for. Perhaps I overstate my requirements. I do not know... The Ukrainian says he is not happy with his results of late.

"I struggle with those whom I have to beat, and often lose to them. Of course, this situation does not suit me. I fought a lot in my life. Everything that my career gave me has been achieved thanks to my own work, family and the support of my relatives.

However, now the emotional charge is dying. In this regard , the Davis Cup has always positively acted on me , let's see ... I go out to the tournament in Rennes - there are 600-800 spectators in the stands. The audience is great , but emotionally not as invigorating as before.

To drag in 34 years and fight on “challengers” with the youth who get back every ball? They are trying to prove something to you, but you no longer need it. Youth is growing and developing. At my age - you can only maintain the level, while unrealistically work hard for 5-6 hours a day.

While at home my three children do not see their father. You need to understand how difficult it is for a wife who is constantly alone in farming and bringing up kids." Speaking about his kids, Stakhovsky says, "Nicephorus, he is 4.5 years old, constantly asking if I will take him with me to the tournaments.

Attila Migalko's wife - Natalia - plays tennis with Taisia ​​and Nikifor twice a week. Also in their training group is the child of Sergei Rebrov - Nikita. As for the future, I will give them a choice. I would not want them to go to the tennis tour and play professionally, but if they want to - I will not dissuade them.

The chances of getting to the top level are low. At the same time, you are sacrificing everything - health, education, friends. And an important point - the family."

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