Dutch tennis association KNLTB Fined €525,000. Here is why...

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Dutch tennis association KNLTB Fined €525,000. Here is why...

The Dutch tennis association KNLTB has been fined €525,000 by the Dutch privacy watchdog Autoriteit Persoonsgevens for infringing on the privacy of its members, according to Dutchnews.nl. The fine is related to a complaint dating back to 2018 when several of the orgaisation’s members complained about being emailed and phoned by companies with links to the KNLTB even though they had never agreed that their information should be sold.

Under EU privacy legislation (GDPR), any person should have been asked to agree that their information be shared. As per the complaint, one sponsor was given the names and addresses of 50,000 members, while another was given the names & addressed of at least 300,000.

The KNLTB said it plans to appeal against the fine and also added that it was extremely careful with regards to what it does with members’ private information. 'The tennis association has always been careful with the personal data of members and has been transparent about the policy regarding the sharing of personal data.

Members have been informed about this and have easily been able to cancel in advance ' The organisation has also said the size of the fine will have a major impact on its finances. Robert Jan Schumacher, Director of Services of the union.

"The KNLTB has been working with partners for years to let members benefit from relevant offers. In addition, with these partnerships we generate income for tennis in the Netherlands. This statement means that members can no longer benefit from added value through collaboration with partners, making the practice of their sport more expensive.

In addition, sports associations will be less attractive for sponsorship and this will jeopardize the support of associations."