Soderling: Crazy that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic play in the same era

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Soderling: Crazy that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Djokovic play in the same era

Former World No. 4 Robin Soderling, the current Davis Cup captain of Sweden, says it's totally crazy that the three best players of all time are playing at the same time in tennis, referring to the Big Three - Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, while speaking in an interview to Aftonbladet.

Soderling says, 'In a way it is completely crazy. It's hard to compare eras, but three of the best players of all time play at the same time ... It's totally crazy. They are so damn good and have been fantastic for the sport, although it has not been so fun for us others.

When I was No. 4, it was good competition. I had Nadal, Federer and Djokovic before me, Murray behind me. Ten years earlier, in the early 2000s, there were many good players, but there were new players all the time. (Marcelo) Rios, (Andre) Agassi, Hewitt, (Carlos) Moya ...

but nobody stood out like these three." Soderling says he would have liked to play longer and found it difficult to see players that he thought he was better than win Grand Slams. "I wanted to play for several more years.

In particular, it has been difficult to see (Marin) Cilic, (Stan) Wawrinka and (Kei) Nishikori play and win Grand Slam finals. These are fantastic players but I have plus stats on everyone and over a year I felt better than them.

Wawrinka has won three titles and it's clear I think it could have been me. With a little flow I could have had a Grand Slam title but what the hell, it hadn't changed that much." The former French Open finalist also spoke about Leo Borg, the teenaged son of former tennis legend Bjorn Borg.

"The 03's are a pretty good generation and I was thinking about bringing Leo and some more to train. I want to lock in those who will play the Davis Cup in x number of years. I remember when I was 17 and first got to train with the DC team.

It was an amazing week in England. I got to know it and joined the team, which made it easier the next time I joined. Soderling was also of the view that the Davis Cup needed to change but he would have liked to keep the home and away format and maybe have the competiton once every two years.

"I have long said that the Davis Cup has to change. Previously it was the final in early December and then the first round was played in February. Interest declined and as there were many matches it became difficult to get the best players.

Something needed to be done and there were drastic changes. If this is the right arrangement from the future, show up. I liked home and away matches and it disappears with the playoffs. Maybe the Davis Cup should be played every two years instead"