Caroline Wozniacki: Between chocolate cakes and boxing


Caroline Wozniacki: Between chocolate cakes and boxing
Caroline Wozniacki: Between chocolate cakes and boxing

Caroline Wozniacki said goodbye to tennis last January, at the Australian Open 2020. In what was an incredible career, she closed it with a Major, a WTA Finals vicotry and a total of 30 titles. Post-retirement, Caroline recently talked about her diet and some of her hobbies.

Chicken with broccoli and rice is one of the most eaten dishes by the Dane, who also loves to cook, especially the chocolate cake: "I am not one of those people who strictly follows a diet, but I think of the best way to feed my body, in order to provide the best performance.

It is as if you have a Ferrari: if you do not supply it with the right fuel it will not go to nowhere,” said the 30-year-old. Between a simple diet and a cooking she said: "I like to eat protein, vegetables and some carbohydrates.

I often eat chicken with broccoli and rice. My favorite cake is the chocolate one, but I prepare everything, from bread to biscuits and cheescake!" About her training Caroline said: "Now I balance cardio and weight lifting.

In this way I am sure that my body remains strong. I love to run, but my body does not tolerate it very much, and so now I prefer the elliptical, the exercise bike, the StairMaster: all the tools that allow me to do cardiovascular training, while preserving the body.

I started practicing boxing at 12 years-old. I think it helps me both at cardio and strength level. In general, boxing and running are my two main sports, tennis aside, of course. Once I was also a good swimmer. But in general I love all sports."

Caroline Wozniacki