Tommy Paul: I want people to have fun watching me

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Tommy Paul: I want people to have fun watching me

American Tommy Paul, ranked No. 57 in the world, says he wants to entertain the fans when he plays tennis and is learning to enjoy being on the court while playing tennis. Speaking to the ATP Tour website, 22 year old Paul says, "I want people to have fun watching me.

I want them to see me having fun and I want them to enjoy watching it. I don’t want to be a boring guy out on the court. Sometimes I’m a little too quiet and sometimes I get a little too angry, but for the most part I like to have fun and entertain the crowd.

I felt like there were a lot of kids my age when I was younger who were playing the same tournaments and practising at the same places as me that just felt like they were miserable when they were practising. I took pride in not feeling miserable on court.

If I ever felt like I didn’t want to be there, [I would] just kind of mess around and have a little bit more fun with myself on the court. That’s always been my personality”. Paul says his rise up the rankings is due to winning more matches together.

"It’s about putting matches together. To really move up in the rankings, it is not [about] winning one or two matches in a row. You’ve got to have good weeks. You’ve got to play great for full weeks at a time and have multiple of those.

That’s my biggest focus this year, putting together full weeks of really good tennis. [I just have to] continue to do the right things, try to stick with the same routines as I had at the end of last year and through the beginning of this year.

I’m still the same person, still having fun. Just trying to make better decisions”. The American is working with a new coach Brad Stine and says he has taken more responsibility for his career as well, which is now paying off.

"I just feel like everything’s more comfortable for me and a lot less stress. It’s cool. It’s different kind of coaching than I’ve been used to. He actually lives out in California, I live in South Florida.

I fly him out to do practice weeks in Florida and he comes to all the tournaments with me. It’s different. I have to do a lot more stuff on my own, setting up practices on my own sometimes when he’s not there in South Florida.

Kind of just taking more initiative. I always felt like in juniors you kind of just love the battle. Some people thrive in those situations and I can’t think of a better situation to have fun on a tennis court than going five sets at the Australian Open. That’s where everyone wants to be. If you’re not enjoying that, you shouldn’t be playing tennis”.