Milos Raonic Talks About Which Academic Subject Has Helped Him in His Career

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Milos Raonic Talks About Which Academic Subject Has Helped Him in His Career

Former World No. 3 Milos Roanic says growing up Math was a big part of his life at home, which has helped him look at things rationally and logically. In an interview to the ATP Tour website, Raonic says, “Math was a big part of our lives growing up and that’s a process as well.

You try to look at things as rationally and as logically as possible. I think that kind of association, that perspective on things, made a big difference for me because there were moments where I would get very emotional and frustrated or positive or negative about things.

But those moments were hard to always justify, It could just be a feeling and sometimes, if you can’t explain those feelings to yourself, it can get out of hand. It could get out of control. So for me, the rationalisation of a process has been a very grounding thing.

It’s not just in my tennis. It’s in every aspect of my life that I perceive things that way. What motivates me is the pursuit to improve and get better each and every day,” Raonic said. “I know if I could achieve those things on a day-to-day basis, I will achieve my goals”.

The 29 year old Canadian says that he feels he has not fulfilled his potential as of yet. "It’s hard to define success because it changes so many times. Once you achieve a specific goal, then you always want more and then you don’t feel you are successful.

I think everybody has a personal idea of it. But have I achieved success to this point? I don’t think so. The most enjoyable parts are going out and competing, but I think the [key is the] process before that of becoming a better tennis player, becoming a better athlete,” Raonic said.

“Whether that be on the court or in the gym or on the track, wherever that may be, I think [it’s about] that process that goes in day-in and day-out.[It’s] where you have an idea, you have a path you’re trying to take and you hope that could get you closer to those moments when you go step out to compete with players of all levels, the best at the big events or against whomever it may be.

You could give your best and you could feel like you’re a better tennis player each and every day”. Raonic has had a good start to the season, reaching the quarter-finals for the fifth time in his career in Melbourne and says he is feeling good in 2020.

“It was an important and positive start for me, I think. I only played about three matches since Wimbledon last year to finish off the season. Came into Doha, lost early in that tournament. Was hoping to do better there. But then by the time I got into the Australian Open, practising with other players and these kinds of things, I started to feel more comfortable and I had a good run there.

If you do the right things, if you do put in the work, if you do stay dedicated and disciplined, those good moments catch up to you and you sort of flip a switch. You aren’t sure exactly how it happened or why it happened, but everything just starts to feel a little bit easier. When you have those moments, you really appreciate them and you try to make them last as long as possible”.