Alexander Bublik Signs with German Second Division Team TC Iserlohn

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Alexander Bublik Signs with German Second Division Team TC Iserlohn

Second-division tennis team TC Iserlohn has signed Top 60 ATP player Alexander Bublik in what is considered a major signing for the team, according to IKZ Online. The team coach Jim Anwar commented on the signing, "I never thought that we would be able to retain such a top-class player.

I am very happy that it worked." Anwar said he had discussions with Bublik's management team after the Australian Open and now the 22-year-old has actually signed on with the team. Bublik is currently at number 51 in the ATP world rankings, and is ranked No.

100 in the doubles rankings and is a major signing for the team as compared to other players in the league. Bublik has won 10 titles on the Challenger and Future circuits combined. He commented, "I'm really looking forward to Iserlohn.

I will give it my all and we will definitely have a great season for our audience." This is the first time that a top 100 player has competed for the TCI in the 2nd division. Bublik plays in the Davis Cup for Kazakhstan and is considered a rising talent of the game.

Bublik is currently the sixth signing for the team. Before that, the two Germans Lukas Rüpke and Sami Reinwein, plus the young Swiss Ilias Zimmermann and Luc Hoeijmans and the 17-year-old German talent Tobias Berning had signed with the team.