Monte Carlo Masters TD: The Fallout of the Cancelation is Unbelievable

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Monte Carlo Masters TD: The Fallout of the Cancelation is Unbelievable

With the tennis tournaments being canceled for the next few weeks, the economic impact of the cancelation on the players and the tournaments itself is becoming more apparent. The Monte Carlo Masters Series event is one of the events affected by the six week cancelation on the ATP Tour.

Zeljko Franulovic, the Director of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Zeljko Franulovic says that canceling the tournament was a big blow for their entire team and that the tournament will not look for another date this year.

Speaking to L'Equipe, Franulovic says, "As you can imagine, it was a big blow when we took note of this decision. It's sad, not only for me but for all my team who worked so hard for this 2020 edition. It is also sad for the players, who love the tournament, but also for our partners, the public and the viewers of the whole world.

But it is health that prevails, we did not want to take any risks. Reimbursements will be made automatically by a transfer to the accounts of ticket holders. And all this as soon as possible, that is to say within two to three weeks.

Franulovic says that while there will be a financial impact on the tournament this year, the financial future of the tournament itself is not in danger. "There will be a shortfall, it is no secret. But it is very difficult to estimate because we are talking here about ticketing recipes, agreements with partners ...

It is unbelievable at the moment. But that does not question the financial future of the tournament, which is not in danger." Franulovic also says that playing the tournament without spectators or at another time of the season was not an option.

"The ATP made the decision to cancel the tournaments over six weeks, no other option was possible. And it is a good decision, because it is once again a question of the health of the players and the spectators. The situation is getting worse everywhere, you have to be lucid.

We'll see what's going on in six weeks. We are not going to ask for another date. We cash this cancellation and we are already looking forward to April 10, 2021."