Marin Cilic: I Will Be Spending More Time at Home During the ATP Suspension

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Marin Cilic: I Will Be Spending More Time at Home During the ATP Suspension

Croatian tennis star Marin Cilic says he will be spending more time at home with his family due to the suspension of the tennis tour for the next few weeks, according to The former US Open champion, "We are aware of the situation and it is certainly better to beware than to take the possible risks so here - now I have more time at home.

It was the perfect time for me to be with my family, enjoy and have a little more time to rest, and hang out." In late January, Cilic welcomed his first child with his wife. “I will definitely be more awake overnight, which will make Kristina’s life much easier.

Of course I'm afraid most of all because of Baldo, because he's still very small. I am even avoiding going to the gym, where there are bigger gatherings, and maybe I'll even do more outdoor workouts." Cilic said he met with the Sinkovic brothers on Jarun Lake for an outdoor training session and is also in touch with some of the other Croatian athletes as well.

"I heard from the NBA guys; they told me that this is unique and everything is under alarm. They do not know what is going to happen, or if they will return home or stay there, so we are still on the edge of our seats, waiting for what will develop, but most importantly, we are all healthy and this is under control.

" The Croatian adds that the tennis calendar and players will surely be affected but agrees that this is less of a concern as compared to the global crisis. "Who knows what the Olympics will be like, but luckily for tennis, the positive is that our season is so long, it lasts until the end of November.

The problem is that the points will be affected, with other tournaments being canceled - but these are less of a concern."