Thiago Seyboth Wild: I didn't expect it to win a title so quickly

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Thiago Seyboth Wild: I didn't expect it to win a title so quickly

Braazilian youngster Thiago Wild says he did not expect to win such a big title like the ATP 250 event in Santiago, Chile so quickly, while speaking in an interview to TenisBrasil. Speaking to TenisBrasil during the open training session to the media last week at the Tennis Route Institute in Rio de Janeiro (this was prior to the ATP suspension of the tour events), Wild commented, "It was a surprise, not only for everyone, but for my team and me as well.

It was a goal that I had, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. I like to play on the fast court, because my style of play fits more. The points are a little bit shorter and I can attack a little more" My service has improved a lot.

I think I've been working a lot. And despite being at a good level, in order to move up in the ranking I need to get better and better and have greater consistency in the second service." Speaking about going from Santiago to Australia for the Davis Cup, Wild says, "I was able to adapt well to the time zone, because I got there very tired from traveling and managed to sleep at night.

So, in the first two days it wasn't so much of a problem, but in the game the adrenaline is so high that you don't even feel the sleep." One of the members in his team that he credited for his winning mentality is mental coach Felipe Vardiero, who joined his team a few months ago.

"I think that withstanding the pressure is something that every athlete who stands out needs to know how to do. We need to know how to deal with pressure and expectations. Obviously, it is the result of the work I am doing with the psychologist. Not only that part but the extra-court part too."