Eugenie Bouchard's 2020 season isn't quite picture perfect yet!

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Eugenie Bouchard's 2020 season isn't quite picture perfect yet!

"..Bad attitude doesn't help me play better, actually it probably makes me play worse. So, I got it together a little bit," Eugenie Bouchard had commented on her behavior at the ASB Classic at Auckland last year.

It was indeed her determination that helped her win after two and a half hours over Bibiane Schoofs of the Netherlands. Bouchard displayed some colorful reactions then as her game started to unravel with having over a dozen service breaks and too many unforced errors to strangely win the game.

She'd slam her racket down, grab a towel from a ball kid and looked rather frustrated in her coach Michael Joyce's direction. She'd win the match but now scoffs at the bad actions of the Utah Jazz basketballer Rudy Gobert.

He had touched the press conference room mics before being diagnosed as having the coronavirus and Bouchard thinking it wasn't the coolest thing to do. The Canadian would also admit her own tainted personality saying "I didn't have the best attitude for sure...the coach is pissed about that."

She wasn't so thrilled by her performances either at the beginning of this complicated season either. Bouchard made it through to the quarterfinals with Amanda Anisimova, but lost in a 3-set struggle. She'd also bail out in her third qualifying round to Martina Trevisan of Italy at the Australian Open amiss the bushfire controversy.

Bouchard tried her luck at the Oracle Challenger Series but to suffer a first round defeat by Alexa Glatch. Everyone's season now is in a shambles due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemia and Bouchard is looking at what can be done to start improving her game and at what tournament that will be.

Players are debating how they'll re-schedule their tour dates and when they will ever start back again. The Canadian is in the same mode but always manages to come out of tough situations on a positive note. It's her personal life which takes a drastic turn for the unpredictable and awards her tons of social media hoorays.

But things are getting more difficult for the Canadian to even come close to performing as she had in her 'hey days' She was once surrounded in the stands by loudly supported traveling fans and getting great fanfare throughout her touring venues.

It was six years ago she was No. 5 in the world, But those times have all but evaporated. Whenever the WTA touring continues and the virus outbreak has cleared, players will have a stronger objective again to look forward to.

It is for now just an abyss that everyone hopes will go away and let them continue thier dreams and aspirations on the court again.