Antwerp TD: We Will Review the Situation After A Couple of Months

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Antwerp TD: We Will Review the Situation After A Couple of Months

Kristoff Puelinckx, the Tournament Director of the ATP Antwerp Open, says that he and his team will review the situation during the summer before taking a call on their tournament. The European Open is scheduled to be held on October 18th and with the ATP Tour being suspended for the next 6 weeks, Puelinckx and his team are fortunate to have some more time to decide their future course of action as compared to other tournaments in Europe during the clay court season and grass season in the next few months.

According to the Tennis Actu website, Puelinckx says, "Let us analyze the situation in due time and remain calm ...I would be much more worried if it were to be played in two months, here ... But beyond that, who can today know with certainty what will be the situation in six months? In our position, we must certainly wait for the summer before considering any changes or not."

Speaking about holding the tournament without spectators, Puelinckx says the financial losses for smaller tournaments like his due to loss of ticket sales would be much more less as compared to a big event like Indian Wells.

"We may be quickly fixed ... You have to see what kind of tournaments we are talking about. Indian Wells drew almost 500,000 spectators whereas last year in Antwerp, we approached 30,000 in one week… With us, ticketing revenues do not exceed 15% of the total budget.

It may be more bearable for smaller tournaments, and we will see what will happen soon." The European Open is a men's ATP Tour 250 tournament taking place in Antwerp, Belgium. It was new for the 2016 ATP World Tour and 2020 would mark the fifth edition of the tournament. Last year, the event was won by Andy Murray, who defeated Stan Wawrinka 3–6, 6–4, 6–4 in the final.