Bruno Soares Explains Rationale of Players Who Get into Match Fixing

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Bruno Soares Explains Rationale of Players Who Get into Match Fixing

Doubles Grand Slam champion Bruno Soares says that players convicted of match-fixing must be banned but also explained the rationale behind the players' mindset who enter such arrangements while speaking on a TV program 'Bola da Vez' program on ESPN Brasil.

The 38 year old Brazilian says, "It is a very strong temptation, because it is a group that is selling lunch to pay for dinner, often comes from a humble family, and often does not know if they will continue their career because they have no money and cannot invest.

And suddenly, a guy comes over and it's in your head: 'Look, I'll give you X thousand dollars for you to deliver this game' Then you look: 'If I win the game, I will win 750 dollars' The mafia and the guys know where to go.

Is it wrong? A thousand percent wrong. But the guys get hurt and there are a lot of people who, unfortunately, fall into temptation. It happened with Feijão (Joao Souza) . And there is no way. This is a case that you have to be banned, because it is not an accident.

It is a totally intentional thing." Soares continues that the betting mafia do not reach out to top players as they are financially more secure and understand the consequences of the same. "They don't make it to the top (players), because the top (players) don't need that much (money) anymore and knows the consequences, but at those lower levels it's super complicated."

Soares is currently ranked No. 25 in the world in doubles and peaked at No. 2, which he achieved in October 2016. He won his first Grand Slam title at the 2016 Australian Open and then won the 2016 US Open doubles title. He has also won three Grand Slam titles in Mixed Doubles, two at the US Open, in 2012 and 2014, and one at the Australian Open in 2016.