Simona Halep Makes Donation Towards Medical Equipment in Romania

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Simona Halep Makes Donation Towards Medical Equipment in Romania

Tennis - Just like the bushfire crisis in Australia where tennis players came together to raise funds for the crisis, tennis players are once again coming forward at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While several tennis players have donated tennis rackets and items to raise funds, World No.

2 Simona Halep, of Romania, has stated that she would be donating a sum of money to purchase medical equipment in Bucharest and Constanta, asking others to contribute as well if they could. In her Facebook post, Halep says, "Unfortunately, we are all going through a very hard time, with new attempts that we could hardly have imagined a few months ago.

It is on the other hand and the perfect opportunity to show that we know how to be solidarity and responsible for our lives and those around us. While we stay at home, doctors and medical staff make huge efforts to treat and save each life by exposing themselves personally for the general good.

Let's follow strictly the directions submitted by the authorities and thus contribute, each of us, to solving this nature problem dramatically affect our normal course of life. I decided to donate a sum of money to purchase the necessary equipment and materials in such situations, the amount to be directed immediately to the medical authorities in Bucharest and Constanta.

I encourage anyone who can support to contribute to the joint efforts to combat this virus. Meanwhile, let's all take care of ourselves, be responsible and positive! May God help us! Halep also provided the details of where anyone could make a contribution for the same - For donation: the association "Society of infectious diseases and HIV / AIDS" based in Bucharest, STR.

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