Gael Monfils: Tennis was the sport that I felt the happiest playing


Gael Monfils: Tennis was the sport that I felt the happiest playing
Gael Monfils: Tennis was the sport that I felt the happiest playing

Frenchman Gael Monfils says talent does not amount to much when it comes to tennis and it's all about who has worked harder. Speaking to the ATP Tour website, the charismatic Frenchman Monfils says, "People think that we’re talented, gifted.

Nothing is gifted, nothing is about talent, it’s about work. You work harder than everyone else. People mistake working and winning. You can work really hard and not win, not have the result you want. It’s tough. For all the players on the Tour [at ITF Futures, Challengers and the ATP Tour], they are working from a young age.

I’m here now because I’ve worked hard, my parents worked hard and fought very hard to give me the possibility to one day play tennis at the top level. I’ve been judged from a very young age, all the time, but people don’t know your situation: how you’ve been raised, your tennis.

It was a blessing for me to play tennis." Monfils says he chose tennis because he was happiest when he was playing the sport. "From day one, I was different. I am different. I didn’t pay attention, but I play because I love the sport.

I like being around athletes, I like track and field, football, basketball. I am a sportsman inside. I chose tennis because I played from a young age, along with football, judo and basketball. This was the sport that I felt the happiest playing”.

The 33 year old has started 2020 with a 16-3 record, winning 2 ATP Titles, which is one of his best starts to a season. “The biggest part of the Tour is to have success back-to-back, week after week, that’s what we train for physically and mentally.

I have been very solid, and I think I’m in great shape physically, moving great on the court, which helps my game. When you start to be a bit more confident, you go for your shots. My movement is the key, but that’s when I also try some shots in tough moments.

It’s a dream to win a Slam and being in the Top 5, even for one week, is a goal. So many players have the potential, but they struggle like me… I hope one day to have the opportunity”.

Gael Monfils

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