Rebecca Peterson Training and Keeping Safe Distance During the Shutdown

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Rebecca Peterson Training and Keeping Safe Distance During the Shutdown

Sweden's Rebecca Peterson says she will be using the next few weeks as a training block while the tennis events remain canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking to the website, Peterson says, "It's all right with me.

This time is like a training block for me, which fits pretty well considering I have had some injury problems. So if you want to see something positive in the whole thing, it's that I get an opportunity to train and build myself up.

I probably missed some of the reporting because I did not have a thought that the competition would be canceled. I had been training there for a few days when a player said it was canceled. At first I almost thought it was a joke, but when it came to an e-mail I understood ...

"Oh is that true?" I thought. With the risk that they would close the borders, I went home. It's hard to miss because that's the only thing you're talking about now. You are constantly updated and I follow the stream on twitter.

For example, it feels strange that French Open is moving to September. The whole situation is so difficult and everyone is probably trying to make the best of the situation for us players and that as many competitions as possible can be played.

It is also about missing income for the players. There are many who do not have sponsors or who have several employees in their teams to pay. At the same time, it is very difficult for so many right now, with the airlines, the restaurants, the hotels… really everyone is affected.

There are many who are hourly and will manage for the day, provide for their family ... it is tough for many. There are certainly many who will become unemployed and companies that go bankrupt. It has incredible consequences for the world economy."

Peterson continues that she is trying to ensure she keeps a safe distance from people during the tennis shutdown. "I have no idea what happens next, because it's impossible to say. I just know that there will be no game before May 2.

You just have to take it as it comes. It is difficult to feel irritated or to hang up on things for everyone doing their best and you have to accept the situation. When you think about it, it is completely crazy how it has affected the whole world.

It is to be hoped that it will soon return to normal, that everyone is well and safe. It is important. You have to stay at a distance because if you spread the virus yourself, it can affect the elderly. I am not so much about older people and I have a pretty ordinary life I would say.

You have to use common sense. I think everyone is doing their best while wanting to live as ordinary a life as possible. I do not believe in closing in completely, but I am not an expert on the subject, I pass that on to others." 24 year old Peterson is currently ranked No. 44 in the world rankings and is the top-ranked Swedish woman on the tour.