Adam Pavlásek Hopeful of Returning Back to the Top 100


Adam Pavlásek Hopeful of Returning Back to the Top 100
Adam Pavlásek Hopeful of Returning Back to the Top 100

25 year old Czech tennis player Adam Pavlásek was in Turkey playing an ITF event there when the tournament there was canceled and he decided to return to the Czech Republic. Speaking to the Tenisovysvet website, Pavlásek recalls his experience of coming back to his native land.

"The turning point occurred on Thursday when news came out that the Czech Republic is announcing a state of emergency. I was worried about the border and airport controls. Also, if God forbid, someone was infected in Turkey, the idea of ​​quarantine was not quite pleasant there.

That's why we left immediately. Common sense won over sport. Health is always in the first place." Pavlásek says he is currently working on his fitness as he does not know when the tennis tour will resume and how the situation will unfold in the coming days, “One is preparing for the season, looking forward to tournaments, especially me, who have prolonged my preparation and started getting ready since October.

The worst part is that you don't know what will happen next days or weeks. Probably meanwhile I will work on fitness." The Czech player, who was ranked in the Top 100 a few years ago, is now ranked No. 382 in the world rankings after being injured for the last couple of seasons.

"There was an injury in training, which cost me the next few months. It was a wrist injury, the diagnosis was wrong, it did not help with free time or injections. The doctors told me that the wrist was caught in the wrong place and the operation would be terribly risky.

After some time, some injections started and I started to be healthy in late March, when I immediately left for Miami. After that, I started to train normally, and unfortunately I couldn't catch the bandwagon anymore." However, he remains hopeful of returning to the Top 100 and has been working with a mental coach as well.

"It has always kept me afloat that I've been there once, and when I am healthy, I will give tennis everything that should the toil always proves. He taught me a lot of things, even outside tennis. How to behave, how to treat people.

And I am extremely happy for that. I got to the bottom and I try to lift it back, step by step. If I am healthy, I believe I will succeed."

Adam Pavlasek