The Good, Bad and Ugly personas revealed from tennis players on their tour suspension

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The Good, Bad and Ugly personas revealed from tennis players on their tour suspension

This virus break was totally unplanned and players have to admit they needed the rest but how much might be in question. Some have chosen to rest with family, others with significant others and many with friends. But separation from their passion and livelihood is causing a loose lip and restlessness.

Naomi Osaka the 2-time Grand Slam winner might have been to the end of her rope on being in the house all day and went to Twitter to link with fans as the media had explained. Someone had asked for her to explain her nationality and she frankly replied that "..I am black and Asian.

It's not that confusing." Well it's not that difficult to understand and the fan might have been a new one not aware of just who Naomi Osaka is. Getting the chance to ask questions to the players would never have happened if it weren't for their hiatus from a hectic tennis schedule.

On Twitter, Eugenie Bouchard was being her coy yet honest self saying "..I feel like quarantine would be alot more fun with a boyfriend" Nick Kyrgios felt free enough to give his opinion on the matter. Canada's Vasek Pospisil is trying to keep active but his main pet peeve is cooking.

"I'm a horrible cook...I'm always eating at restaurants." He claims on only cooking once for himself 9 years ago. He promises to put forth his time laughingly and says "I'm going to have to Google some recipes.

I have no idea." He will have much time to sharpen his skills being that no one will hit a competitive court in the next six weeks. This is becoming the players' nightmare and they yearn to just keep relevant, busy and enjoy themselves until the hiatus is over.

Most need something to do and while Robert Haase wouldn't mind using his 'babysitting skills' to help out working parents while he has time off. CoCo Vandeweghe just says on Twitter that she is 'Currently looking for something to do for the next few months."

Many keep the same mantra and try for a stronger perfect body by just gym and exercise time as Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic continually do. Elise Tamaela, the coach of Kiki Bertens says the Dutch player " training outdoors...running up and downstairs...we can go into the forest, onto the beach..."

Rebecca Peterson says this is an excellent itme "to train and build myself up." The players need to do what they were trained and that is to compete. The longer the tour is extended, the more intense everyone will be. Hopefully each day that goes by will bring everyone closer to arriving at their sane routine schedule again.