Piatti on Sinner: He Prefers to watch Rafael Nadal - Roger Federer rather than...

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Piatti on Sinner: He Prefers to watch Rafael Nadal - Roger Federer rather than...

Rising Italian star Jannik Sinner is currently in Monaco and trying to train out there to the bext extent possible, according to his coach Riccardo Piatti who spoke to the ATP Tour website. Piatti says, "He came back from the United States last Friday and he has since trained once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The Monte-Carlo Country Club, venue of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, is closed, but if the numbers stabilise and confirmed cases drop, we’ll return to Italy and the Academy. There won’t be any on-court tennis for another week or 10 days.

We don’t know when the tournaments will begin, so as to step up our efforts in one area or another." Piatti says that he expects Sinner to be able to peak after a few years. "A doctor has followed him and we expect him to grow a little bit more, around another four centimetres.

He needs to play and work, but we need to find the right balance in not pushing him too much. When he’ll be 22, 23, he’ll be ready to compete in the bigger tournaments. His personality is now strong and, unlike many players I’ve coached, I can speak to him openly 30 minutes after a loss, rather than wait until the next day.

I can speak with him for six hours about tennis and he loves it. He doesn’t get distracted and prefers to watch Nadal-Federer matches let’s say, than go to the cinema”. Sinner, himself, says he has high expectations of himself and is ready to work hard to achieve his results.

“The focus is about consistency of performance, of application every day, and improving every shot, because in matches an opponent won’t let you always play your best stroke and you cannot play at the same speed.

Piatti knows that I’m attentive and demand a lot of myself, but I do work hard. He asks for patience, so I need to be patient”.