Katie Swan Talks Spending Time at Her Family Home in Wichita, Kansas During Shutdown


Katie Swan Talks Spending Time at Her Family Home in Wichita, Kansas During Shutdown
Katie Swan Talks Spending Time at Her Family Home in Wichita, Kansas During Shutdown

Britain's Katie Swan says she will try to remain active while waiting for the tour to resume in the coming months. Swan is currently at her family home in Wichita, Kansas where she is able to train at her local club at the time when she spoke to the Metro.

Swan, ranked No. 256 in the world, says, "It’s the unknown that’s hard for everyone, I think. But everyone is in the same position so there’s nothing any of us can do. No one could have seen this coming but obviously there are people in the world in far worse situations than us.

At the moment I’m just taking it every day as it comes, I’m really enjoying spending time with my family. I’ll be ready for whenever we’re able to go back on tour again. I’m looking forward to that.

The first two days when I came home I was resting anyway, being at home with the family and the dogs. I’m still able to practice at the moment, the club I train at is still open so I can access courts there and I’m doing some fitness work at home with some equipment there.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with the family, doing some activities like puzzles and painting. Everything is under control here at the moment really so I’ve just not been leaving the house as much.’ Swan says she is lucky that she is till able to play tennis while many other athletes may not be able to do so.

‘I’m in a very lucky position at the moment where I am able to play tennis because I know a lot of people around the world can’t do that. I’m definitely taking advantage of that. It’s kind of like an extended pre-season, which sometimes the pre-season isn’t ever long enough to work on everything you want to improve so I think it’s definitely a good thing for me.

It’s pretty much back to basic stuff at the moment because it’s a long time before I’ll compete so we’re spending time working on individual shots because we have the time, which I don’t always get to kind of break things down to be more simple.

We’re still trying to include some sort of point play so I can try and stay competitive. I struggle to not be competitive for a long time. But yeah it’s just a great opportunity to spend time on more things that I wouldn’t have the time to do normally." Swan says she has ensured that she has all the things required for her to train from home.

"The country club where we practise at have been really nice and they’ve let me and my brother borrow some stuff from the gym. So we’ve brought it back to our house to set up a mini gym in the basement. ‘I’ll definitely take advantage of that.

We have some space in the garden to do some movement as well. [Me and my brother will] workout together. My dad loves it as well and my mum so we’ll get some family workouts going on."

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