ITF threatens fines for players: Will Roger Federer take a step back?

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ITF threatens fines for players: Will Roger Federer take a step back?

Roland Garros decision to move the second Slam of the season to September generated chain reaction, considering that after the move, the Parisian tournament would begin just one week after the end of the US Open, and coincide with Roger Federer's Laver Cup in Boston.

Some players have already made some statements about this decision. According to what has been reported by ESPN, and as we can read on the pages of Tennis World Italy, ITF is intending to fine those players who skip the French Open to play other events on the calendar.

Such a lawsuit would constitute an unprecedented move and would have significant consequences on tennis in general. To resolve this issue, the event conceived by Roger Federer may be forced to take a step back, despite the announcement made last week.

Heinz Guenthardt, Swiss captain of Fed Cup, said: "Unfortunately, everyone will never be able to agree. On the other hand, there are no alternatives either. In Paris, there are 128 men and 128 women, in addition to qualifications and doubles.

About a dozen players would be engaged in the Laver Cup. ATP must act accordingly since it is an association of players. Mainly because second-rate tennis players rely heavily on the gains from Roland Garros." The situation remains controversial, and in any case generally dependent on the future evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Roger Federer has made no statements regarding the change of dates of Roland Garros: will he participate in the next edition of the French Open?