Canadian player accuses French Open of lack of respect

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Canadian player accuses French Open of lack of respect

The French Open, scheduled between May 24 and June 7, has been postponed and will be played from September 20 to October 4 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A decision taken without any consultation, with the WTA which revealed that it had learned everything via Twitter only on things done.

The modus operandi of the French Federation is incredible, but now other news is coming from the ITF. According to what revealed by ESPN, the ITF would be willing to fin all the tennis players who will miss the Roland Garros to take part in other events such as the Laver Cup.

The exhibition that should be staged in Boston is already sold out and moved it would be problematic, but there is a serious risk that it will be snubbed by the best tennis players destined to fly to Roland Garros. Someone will therefore have to compromise, a situation in constant evolution.

Canadian doubles player Gaby Dabrowski says the coronavirus-hit French Open may have to reschedule again out of ‘respect’ for the rest of the tennis world. “I just don’t think it’ll happen that way,” she told TSN.

“I just think there will be more discussions, because you can’t possibly schedule your tournament during other events where lots of other players have committed to play like at the Laver Cup and, for us, in Asia.

You just can’t pick a date and sit on it. Yeah, I don’t really know what the protocol is for a situation like that. Obviously, this entire thing is unprecedented but, at the same time, the way that we handle it now will set the standard for the future if we ever face something like this again.

Everyone is going step by step and learning along the way so to make a rash decision like that is just out of line and even though you’re a grand slam you should have respect for everybody else. And I’m sure that those discussions are being held now and I’m sure they felt the repercussions already”.