Magnus Larsson recalls Proudest Moment of His Career

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Magnus Larsson recalls Proudest Moment of His Career

Former Top 10 player Magnus Larsson, of Sweden, turns 50 on Tuesday 25th March and spoke to on the occasion of his 50th birthday. Larsson says he spent the day with his family. "Today I just spent time with my parents in Olofström.

We sat outside at a proper distance and chatted. They have been isolated so it was nice to meet and eat waffles. Tonight there will be dinner in Kalmar with my partner and in-laws." Speaking about his proudest memory as a tennis player, Larsson says, "The Davis Cup win in Moscow in 1994.

It was a dream I had ever since I saw Sweden meet Czechoslovakia in 1975. The victory then was one of the reasons why I started playing and the dream has always been to win the Davis Cup myself one day. Then there are many sub-goals along the way that I am happy about.

Every victory in a tournament you won as a little at home in Blekinge was a step on the road to what I got to experience." Larsson says he continues to remain involved with tennis as a coach. "I work at Kalmar Tennis Club.

I still think it is great fun with tennis, my own tennis is not so good anymore but it is still fun to both play and coach. In Kalmar, I train everyone from ten years and up over my own age. I started last fall and the contract expires last May.

Then we will see what happens." Finally, when asked what he would like for his 50th birthday, the Swede says he hopes the current COVID-19 situation is over soon. "The boring answer will be what the world looks like today, so I hope you find the solution to the virus and that life can return to what life was before.

I wish that everyone who is sick or at risk is doing well for people to return to their jobs. It's hard to say anything else. Larsson won 7 ATP singles and 6 ATP doubles titles in his career. He also reached the semifinals of the French Open 1994, won the Grand Slam Cup in 1994 after victories against Stefan Edberg, Andre Agassi, Todd Martin and retired in 2003. Larsson was also the assistant Davis Cup captain for 2009-2010.