Karolina Pliskova on Covid situation and Olympics: It was the right decision

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Karolina Pliskova on Covid situation and Olympics: It was the right decision

World No. 3 Karolina Pliskova says she is sorry that the Olympic games have got canceled this year but says it was the right decision given the current circumstances. In an exclusive interview to the Tenisovysvet.cz website, Pliskova says, "I'm sorry, because I enjoyed the Olympics and the whole atmosphere a lot, but at the moment it is right that it has been postponed.

Hopefully I'll look at the Games anyway next year. The whole season will be very different and in many ways unusual. So far I can not imagine, after the US Open on concrete to move immediately to clay and prepare for the Paris Grand Slam.

But time is scarce, we'll see how much it can happen in the end. Now it's hard to guess. From the beginning, I perceived that the rankings will be frozen, and that is the right solution to me." Speaking about the enforced break imposed on the tennis players due to the global health crisis, Pliskova says, "It's unpleasant, of course, but what can be done.

It's the same for everyone. Tennis and sport in general are not the main thing now. With the start of the tournaments in June, I don't see it very optimistic. I'm alone without my team, coaches. I am preparing with Michal (manager and husband Michal Hrdlička,, we have a plan and I am going accordingly.

I try to read a lot, I do my homework and sometimes we go for a walk in the countryside. It is uncomfortable for all, we must behave responsibly, but at the same time not panic. To try to protect mainly their loved ones and older generation.

I have information only from the media, I do not dare to guess how it will evolve. Anyway, I hope that everything will return to normal soon and we can all do it." Pliskova adds that she is trying to take the necessary precautions as prescribed by the authorities.

"We try to minimize contact. Even within the family. Of course I wear a mask, trying to boost immunity. I often wash my hands. I was thinking about it and one should find something positive in every situation. I've been in the tennis circuit for ten years, traveling the world, playing tournaments week after week, under a lot of pressure, my nerves constantly on the run. This forced pause will give me a break, I think I needed it already."