Marcelo Melo: I Don't believe that it is time to hold an Olympics

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Marcelo Melo: I Don't believe that it is time to hold an Olympics

Brazil's tennis player Marcelo Melo says the decision of the organizers of the Olympic Games to postpone the Games is a good idea. The International Olympic Committee decided to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games from July this year to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to FoxSports Brazil, Melo says, “The postponement of the Games was agreed. We are living in this moment of uncertainty. Cases worldwide are increasing, some places are decreasing. I don't believe it is time to hold an Olympics.

Everyone is apprehensive. I think it is a correct change for both athletes and fans, for people who are going to travel to Japan to watch. It is such a glamorous event, that everyone always hopes to be able to participate, to be able to follow.

Now athletes will have more time to prepare. ” Melo has currently been at the Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, in Florida where he is trying to remain fit with exercises on and practicing, while following the care and recommendations given the scenario.

He is with friend Alexander Zverev, who is also in the same academy. Melo says, “It is an atypical situation that we are experiencing. So it's training to respect that moment. I'm practically isolated inside, not leaving for the resort, which has all the facilities, hoping that things get better as soon as possible for everyone. And mixing physical training with the court, to keep pace and physical condition, in a daily routine."