Carlos Rodriguez: In Beijing life is slowly resuming its course

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Carlos Rodriguez: In Beijing life is slowly resuming its course

Carlos Rodriquez , the former coach of Belgium's Justine Henin, is currently in Beijing where he has been working with his academy and has been confined to his hotel for 14 days. Speaking to RTBF, Rodriguez spoke about the situation in Beijing and his views on the situation in Europe.

Rodriguez says the situation is slowly getting back to normal in Beijing. "I'm in Beijing. I have to stay 14 days in quarantine. It is mandatory so as not to bring the virus from abroad. It is a special but interesting situation because it makes sense.

That of protecting us and above all of protecting others. In Beijing life is slowly resuming its course. As best they could. The Chinese are trying to get out on the street again. To live again normally. But after two months recovery is not easy.

And most public spaces, such as restaurants, or gyms, are not yet open. In terms of football, it's clear: the championship will resume on April 18. As far as I'm concerned, in terms of tennis or fitness, we don't have a date yet.

But we know that everything will be done gradually so as not to end up with an influx of people who are difficult to control." Speaking about the situation in Europe, Rodriguez says, "We have seen management with two sides.

We see what is happening in Italy, in Spain… The strategies are not the same everywhere. We did not fight the virus in a common way, all together. The European Union must use this moment to do better in the future, to be more united.

I am very happy with the management in Belgium. At the level of anticipation, the decision to contain which came quickly enough. I know it upset a lot but that the Belgians are now aware that it was necessary. And that we may even have to go further.

So it's true that there have been hiccups, especially in masks or screening. It is an exceptional situation and I am sure that our country will learn, like all countries in the world." Rodriguez also had a message to the younger generation, who have not been as responsive to the containment guidelines as others.

"I would first like to address the 18-21 year olds, who are less receptive to confinement. Take responsibility. You have to grow, not stay in selfish behavior. I know that for you the prohibitions are almost non-existent on a daily basis.

But it's not necessarily about you. Do it for your parents, your grandparents. They are in danger. I have a message too. For all the people who care for us, who save lives, who give security. The nurses, doctors, police, firefighters and all the others who are dedicated to us. A big thank-you."