Nicolas Kiefer's Apparel Company Starts Poducing Makeshift Masks

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Nicolas Kiefer's Apparel Company Starts Poducing Makeshift Masks

Former World No. 4 Nicolas Kiefer is doing his bit to help with the COVID-19 pandemic currently. The German has owned a fashion label, Kiwifash, since 2017. Now, he is using his label to also produce protective masks which are in short supply across the globe in the current global health crisis.

According to the German publication The Daily Magazin, "The Kiwifash collection has the quality seal Made in Germany. The Kama textile management company produces in Kassel. In times of the global corona crisis, Kiefer and the Kama textile management have started sewing protective masks to counteract the lack of face masks.

Each makeshift mask is individually manufactured, personalized and is available in different colors. In the online shop of Kiwifash, it is pointed out that the manufacture and use is the responsibility of the customer and that it only serves as a sensible alternative if no single-mouth nose protection is available.

It serves to reduce the spread of droplets." 42 year old Kiefer reached the semifinals of the 2006 Australian Open and won a silver medal in men's doubles with partner Rainer Schüttler at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

He also reached the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon Championships in 1997 and US Open in 2000, winning over $7 million in career prize money. Kiefer also won the Junior Australian Open, the US Open, and was a finalist and semifinalist at Wimbledon and the French Open finishing as the No. 2 junior in 1995. He also won 6 titles on the ATP Tour - Toulouse, Tokyo, Halle, Tashkent, Dubai and Hong Kong.