Gunther Bresnik: This situation is ridiculous. It's unbelievable that...

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Gunther Bresnik: This situation is ridiculous. It's unbelievable that...

Guenter Bresnik, the former coach of Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem, spoke about the current global health crisis in an interview to the Austrian website Kleinezeitung. Bresnik is critical of athletes who want exemptions from the current lockdown.

"I don't see that there are exemptions for top athletes in other countries. I owe everything I have achieved to top athletes in my life, but these extra desires for people always got on my nerves. The real heroes are different, they are celebrating a little bit anyway.

How ridiculous is it to think that there are people like a Ronaldo who makes 100,000 euros a day and then we don’t have enough money for people, that do the health work. You have to question the entire system, it just doesn't work.

Sport is still huge, but some of the importance has been completely lost. It is also fascinating to me how few people would start reading the Kronenzeitung from behind (starting with the sports section. That there is no European Football Championship, no Olympics and no French Open in May - in the end, people really didn't care.

" Speaking about the impact of the current crisis, Bresnik says, "I'm not an expert. If I listen to five virologists, I hear five different answers. If after a week the 'time in the picture' is more concerned with the economic effects than with the health effects that indicates that there is more of a cleaning in other areas.

That people have to or should find a sensible way has been said by people who have failed a thousand times over for decades. With an overpopulation there will be no friction-free solution for the whole There are companies that do so badly.

To incapacitate people is awesome for me. People sit in front of the picture, worship the (moderators) idyllically without knowing what it actually is. Terrifying for me ... I still claim that there is no politician who can find a solution to any problem - there is no such thing as really big problems are solved by scientists with extremely high theoretical knowledge plus a visionary, morally and ethically high standard, who also have emotional intelligence, and not controlled by any people for their benefit.

How many people are there with high ethical values? There is no morality, honesty, reliability, loyalty, empathy - as far as other people are concerned. I cannot always just think about my own benefit. I have to help myself that I am able to help others.

I have to put myself in a good position. But you have to use the good position to help other people and not to make them look like a Christmas goose." Bresnik says that the economics behind paying huge money to sportstars and less to scientists need to change.

"It is ridiculous if a Ronaldo, I don't know, earns a million a month and a scientist who is considering an active ingredient against cancer or against the coronavirus goes home with 2,200 euros. That is no relation.

It does not work to rip off, but how do I get the world in such a way that it will remain as livable for generations as it is and was for us. These are my main concerns as a father of four. In the economy everyone just wants to be supported - how much that is a cleanup, I doubt.

And then the theater starts all over again. The money isn't there. I can't cheat myself forever. It's like a sucker who says I don't need a reservoir and an electricity company because the electricity comes from the can.

That's how stupid people are with the money. If I don't work anymore, there is a minimum income. For me, it's insane , this incapacitation of people. I hope that people will think in a time like now. About more important things than whether they can afford the vacation or not.

" The 58 year old Austrian was also critical about the information flow from experts saying that he would like to be informed correctly about facts so that he can take an informed decision when it came to the COVID-19 virus.

"I want to be informed and I want to know what that is. Is that such a bad virus? If you are terminally ill and you have cancer - does the doctor say: 'No, you have a cold'? I want to know what I have to do. Either you treat people like mature citizens or like fools.

I want to be fully informed as far as I can ask. I don't know if the reason is panic. But I don't want anyone to decide what's good for me or not."