Arnatxa Sanchez: We are going to win this battle


Arnatxa Sanchez: We are going to win this battle
Arnatxa Sanchez: We are going to win this battle

Former World No. 1 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario says she is in Miami with her children in the current lockdown but is worried about her mother since the COVID-19 virus is more dangerous for elderly people. The three-time Roland Garros champion says, “Right now I am locked in my Miami apartment with my children, Arantxa and Leo.

We have been here for a week without leaving home, since until recently they did not order night confinement. Right away, schools and beaches have already closed, so now the streets are empty. As I knew about the situation in Spain, I was in charge of taking precautions ahead of time.

I am worried about my mother, I know that the virus is being lethal with older people. I am seeing how they are fighting in my country to overcome this devastating disease, especially how the health personnel, the cleaning personnel of each hospital, the Police, the army and all the people who work in something as basic as markets or supermarkets and that allow food to be in short supply.

All of them are heroes, essential people to overcome a crisis like this. I feel good, I am happy with my children, I enjoy every moment. Things are fine here, I have my family close and my friends, the real ones, those who have not failed me.

At the same time, I really want to return to Spain to meet my family, but now I have to be focused on protecting ourselves, we will have time." The Spanish legend says that she is confident that her country will overcome this crisis.

“Sports taught me that by fighting you can achieve any goal you set for yourself. If you fight, you always win, this is how I see Spanish society right now, fighting against the coronavirus. Whenever I played my scream it was ‘Come on’, that scream is what I want to transmit to my country and to all those who are day after day without fainting, struggling to overcome this great problem.

As a Spanish I am and feel, I want to tell all the people who are in the fight to continue, that we are going to win this battle."