Sylvain Bruneau on Bianca Andreescu and the Current Layoff


Sylvain Bruneau on Bianca Andreescu and the Current Layoff
Sylvain Bruneau on Bianca Andreescu and the Current Layoff

Sylvain Bruneau, the coach of US Open champion Bianca Andreescu, says that the Canadian was about to return to the game when the tennis season shutdown but he is trying to keep her motivated by looking at the extra time of rest as a positive.

Speaking to LaPresse, Andreescu says, "Since last fall, with Bianca, we were almost always on the go. And at the start of the year, even though she was not playing, she had to go to Barcelona to see doctors. She was about to return to the game.

The extra rest can only be positive, but it has now been so long since she's played that she finds it difficult each time new cancellations are announced. Of course I try to remind her of the good side of things, to tell her that she should return to the game when she really feels 100%, and we now know that it will be the case, whatever the date of resumption of activities.

" Bruneau, who is also the Head Coach for the National Women's Program, says he is in regular contact with the players. "The conditions are different according to the regions of the country or the world. In Florida, it's still possible to hit balls, to train outside.

In Canada, with the directives, it is completely impossible, as in Europe, where the restrictions are very severe. We really don't know how it will all end. I imagine that we will have a little time before the resumption of activities to allow the athletes to prepare well.

I look at Bianca, she has the instruments at home to keep herself in shape: a stationary bike, an elliptical, other accessories. Virginie [Tremblay] and Clément [Golliet] have prepared a program for her and she can do her physical preparation, like all other athletes.

Then, when it is time to find your feelings on a tennis court, it should not be very complicated with players of this level. The most important thing is really to stay healthy, to keep in shape, and I'm not worried about Bianca or the other Canadian women.

" Speaking about the decision of the French Tennis Federation to delay the French Open to September, Bruneau comments, "Roland-Garros is a major tournament, and I understand that it is important to try to play the Grand Slam tournaments as a priority if the season is condensed at the end of the year.

That said, it is important that a possible new calendar be established in coordination between all the players involved, the Grand Slam tournaments, the men's and women's circuits, the ITF, the players. It will be complex to get along, because there will not be room for everyone.

It will be difficult if Roland-Garros, Wimbledon or other tournaments start to take unilateral dates without consulting the other authorities. At a time when there is so much talk of mutual aid in the population to get through this crisis, it would be a shame to see sports leaders unable to get along as a team for a harmonious resumption of activities."

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