Behind Roger Federer's greatness, there is a great woman in wife, Mirka

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Behind Roger Federer's greatness, there is a great woman in wife, Mirka

They say that behind a great man there is a great woman: Roger Federer has his wife Miroslava Mirka Vavrinec. 1st April is Mirka's birthday, an extremely important figure in Roger's life. And not just in his private life.

Mirka is a companion who also helps her husband in his professional life: we can see her almost always on the Federer's box, in moments of joy and in difficult moments. Roger and Mirka were married on 11 April 2009. On 24 July 2009 were born, the pair's eldest set of twins, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva.

Leo and Lenny were born on 6 May 2014. “Mirka especially helps me mentally. She understands when I'm nervous and gives me some important constructive criticism. She especially helps me with the family organization. About five times a year we play tennis together, especially on holidays," said Roger.

Roger and Mirka met during the Sydeney 2000 Olympics. She retired in 2002 following a serious foot injury, after winning 3 ITF titles and break the WTA top-100, at the 76 position. “All the mechanisms must go in the right direction, otherwise my career would suffer.

My wife, whom I met for the first time at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, was truly a rock in my life, has always given me the right stability," he said. Mirka has also improved Federer's wardrobe a lot! "When we got together she understood that I had just a pair of jeans, some T-shirt, training shirts, a sweater and a belt.

She said immediately 'You don't think we should improve your wardrobe? ' he advised me what to wear at the award ceremonies and how to put on the same suit perhaps with a different tie. Little by little his way of doing intrigued me and I started to get involved too.

She pointed out that all the people I met were very attentive to these details and I began to consider this problem even during tennis matches."