Riccardo Piatti Wants John McEnroe to Help Him with Jannik Sinnner Next Season

Tennis - Piatti says the best players play like Roger Federer play for fun

by Prakash
Riccardo Piatti Wants John McEnroe to Help Him with Jannik Sinnner Next Season

Riccardo Piatti, the coach of rising Italian tennis player Jannik Sinner, has said that he wants tennis legend John McEnroe to help him with his new protege next year. Piatti spoke on a Facebook Live show of digital entrepreneur & broadcaster Marco Montemagno where he appeared alongside Sinnner.

The 61 year old from Italy, who has worked with Novak Djokovic, Ivan Ljubičić, Richard Gasquet, Maria Sharapova and Milos Raonic, in the past commented, "John (McEnroe) is a great supporter of Jannik, I recently sent him a message saying that in a year's time he should have given me a hand : 'I need you' I said.

John loves to play and only talk about tennis." Earlier this year, McEnroe said Sinner was one of the most talented youngsters he had seen in the last decade. "[Sinner’s] potential is to win numerous Grand Slams. He’s one of the most talented kids I’ve seen in 10 years.

He’s going to be hunted a little bit himself and people are going to dig in a little bit more and not want to lose to an 18-year-old. So he’s going to have that to contend with. But I suspect in a few years you’re going to see him in the top 10 of the game.

Give him two or three years for sure, I believe." Speaking about the current stop in tennis and all of sports due to the global pandemic, Piatti says, "For young people, training now helps to grow while there are intermediate players who perhaps also play for monetary purposes and can now lose ground.

The best play for fun, just see Federer's post playing with the walls. They have different management skills, in particular I think of Roger. He lost at Wimbledon in 2016 against Raonic, then played the Hopman Cup and returned directly to the Australian Open where he started to struggle but then won the tournament.

" Sinner also gave his view about the tennis shutdown, saying that it is a completely new experience for young players. "I think that especially for young people it is a totally new thing and I think it will be difficult to return to competitions after a very long period. We have to work and we must get ready for that moment."

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