Grigor Dimitrov Looking for Opportunities to Give Back to His Country

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Grigor Dimitrov Looking for Opportunities to Give Back to His Country

Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov says he is looking for ways to continue his philanthropic efforts in the future after donating ventilators to the hospital in his hometown of Haskovo to help those affected by the global pandemic in Bulgaria.

Speaking to the ATP Tour website, Dimitrov says, “I come from a really small town and never forgot where I came from. I just want to help, simple as that. I’ve been playing for Bulgaria all my life. I still have a Bulgarian passport.

I really appreciate the people and all the support throughout the years. It’s not only a way of giving something back to the country, but deeply moves me and makes me feel alive. Hopefully, I can have the right opportunities, right partners and the right structure to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s in the medical field or education or something like that.

I just know there are bigger things and I’d really like to not only be heavily involved, but give a part of myself for it”. Dimitrov is in the United States during the current tennis shutdown but says he remains deeply connected to his family and roots back home.

“I've always been very aware of what's happening in my country. We often forget who the real heroes are in situations like this: all the doctors, the people working in gas stations or grocery stores, the cleaning staff at the hospitals.

You have to appreciate that and I don’t think we’ve always done the best at it, even in good times." The 28 year old Dimitrov is currently ranked No. 19 in the world rankings.