Andrei Medvedev: Dolgopolov has a Positive Attitude Towards Everything

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Andrei Medvedev: Dolgopolov has a Positive Attitude Towards Everything

Former World No. 4 Andrei Medvedev says he admires the positive attitude of fellow countryman Alexandr Dolgopolov and hopes that his fellow countryman returns to the courts soon. In an interview on the website. Medvedev says, "I will always be glad to see him in the team is because of his positive attitude towards everything.

And he gives positive energy, even if he is in a bad mood. This is a unique quality for a person, because I do not know how. If I’m in a bad mood, I need to first get out of it myself, and then give good to people. And Sasha Dolgopolov constantly gives out this positive.

And I really hope that he will return to the court. The tennis world without him is not so bright. Because people specifically go to the stands and buy tickets for such bright players like him. Kyrgios, Dolgopolov, Monfils are literally a few people, who are showmen who give joy.

And after the blows of which people say: "Oh! How could he do this ?! This is impossible." Sasha is one of such players. And this is not only the value of Ukraine, but also the value of world tennis. Believe me: they miss him on the ATP tour.

The whole world wants him to return quickly." Speaking about his first impressions of Dolgopolov, Medvedev says, "When he was little, he always wanted to play on the court. And he played with dad for hours - in the truest sense of the word.

And I speak seriously. And when I saw Sasha on the court, I was very happy. I did not participate in his formation as a player - he grew up, I played at some tournaments. I didn’t know whether he played well or not, but I knew for sure: it’s very difficult to get a hundred.

And the fact that you were born the son of a coach, and the fact that from a young age you had the opportunity to be at ATP tournaments and see other players, generally does not guarantee you anything. And therefore, when he succeeded, I was very happy because he deserved it, it was his dream from childhood.

My dream was to become a footballer, I saw myself at number “6” in Dynamo Kyiv - that time I liked Vladimir Lozinsky, who played for the capital's club under this number. So I wanted this number, midfield ...

And I became a tennis player. And Dolgopolov wanted to become a tennis player - and became one. And he did not just achieve his goal, but left such a bright trace. And if he doesn’t even manage to win a single Grand Slam tournament ...

Although I believe that it will work out because his game allows him to win seven matches in two weeks. You play the day, you rest the day. Just what he needs. And if this cycle goes as it should, he can win the Grand Slam tournament." Dolgopolov is currently 31 years old and has not played since May 2018 due to several injuries and wrist surgeries.